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When and how did Dora the Explorer die? What’s really behind that gloomy TikTok video

Dora the Explorer
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This children’s book was written by Christopher Gifford, Valerie Wasls Valdes, and Erick Weiner, and its main character Dora Marquez is a seven-year-old girl who goes on adventures with her best friend Boots.

As one of Nickelodeon’s most popular kids’ cartoons, Dora the Explorer competes with Sesame Street, The Fairly OddParents, and several other great children’s shows. Peculiarly, TikTok brought his animation back to life by telling the truth about how he died in a viral video.

The story revolves around Dora Marquez, a seven-year-old girl who embarks on an adventure with her best friend Boots, a five-year-old monkey, to solve a problem. or complete a mission.

Eight seasons and 177 episodes later, the series still has fans thanks to its interactive format, in which viewers help Dora, the Explorer, her friend, and sometimes other characters from her world to solve puzzles. Zorro, the principal villain, always finds something to hinder him from stripping them of their belongings.

One of the most iconic of the 2000s, a cartoon makes a comeback on Tik Tok.

Earlier this year, a new Tik Tok trend invited users to search, watch and record their reactions to the viral video Dora no longer being a part of the YouTube channel The Stringini Bros.

Some Internet users have laughed and joked about it. Others have been bewildered, while others have been horrified.

Eight million people have watched the video already.

There is a purpose behind this parody: to mock and ridicule the overblown main idea of the cartoon by showing a series of horrible accidents that a little girl, Dora the Explorer, might encounter in her travels through the forest and how he dies as a result of it.

While there is a movie called Dora and the Lost City, the series never ended, and all content created for the series was created by fans and Tik Tok users, not a Nickelodeon broadcast.

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