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What Kind Of ‘Belly’ Do You Have, and How To Eliminate It Quickly?

reasons for belly fat and eliminate it
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Women have many different body types, and they are all beautiful; however, sometimes we wonder why some people still have “extra pounds” and do not have a belly, and others do.

The answer lies with the Harvard Health Publication; It turns out that nutrition specialists revealed the reason that there are different types of “tummy is.”

This is mainly due to some genetic or hormonal factors that influence how visceral fat accumulates in this area. But fortunately, you can understand which one you have, and you will know how to eliminate it with it.


Stress can make you gain weight because it encourages fat to accumulate in your abdomen, in the area near the liver.

This type of belly protrudes from the front and is usually a bit flaccid; It usually starts from below the bust and forms a “lojita” around the waist.

To eliminate it, you should not only reduce the calories you eat but also find ways to relax, such as meditating or doing yoga.

Wine belly

It is proven that women who drink more than 12 glasses of alcohol in a single day, for more than once a month, increase their waist by up to 4 centimeters.

This type of tummy tends to splay forward with very little fat in the hips; If you look at it carefully, it seems that you have been carrying a kind of pot.

“Pear” belly

This is more common in thin women and consists of a “love handle” around the bikini line, just in the lower part of the abdomen; something we know as a “muffin head” usually occurs as a result of an imbalance in estrogen levels.

Eliminate that annoying belly by stopping eating foods rich in saturated fats and increasing the consumption of seeds and green leafy vegetables.


The bloated belly is prominent and extends outward from all angles; the skin is stretched too much, and you feel uncomfortable.

To avoid getting bloated, avoid eating irritating foods, chewing gum that increases the air in your stomach, or foods that ferment like dairy.

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