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What Happens to Your Body When You Swallow Gum

What Happens to Your Body When You Swallow Gum
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The Body’s Response to Gum Swallowing

Surely you heard many foodstuff myths as a child and now disbelieve as an adult, but if there is one that continues to worry women, that is the myth that chewing gum stays stuck forever in your stomach if you swallow it. According to health experts, how true is this statement? When you swallow gum, you will find out what happens to your body.

If you were a child, Parents must have told you a thousand times not to eat chewing gum, or they didn’t let you eat it because people believed swallowing it has grave consequences for your health.

You can repeat the old-fashioned refrain of Do not swallow the gum because it sticks to your stomach and takes 7 years to expel it for as long as you live. If this occurs to you or a member of your family by accident, you generally panic.

In any event, experts have come to the rescue to dispel doubts and mild paranoia. This popular belief is nothing more than a legend. No, gum doesn’t stick to the stomach.

Chewing gum is a fairly common mistake, and while most people have never swallowed chewing gum, you have a very high probability.

What to do if you swallow gum, and here’s why

In the Mayo Clinic specialized health site, swallowing gum may not allow you to digest it, but it does not stay in the stomach. As it turns out, the body is wise and has a solution to this problem.

As with most foods, chewing gum can’t be dissolved or broken down by the stomach; however, it can be transported through normal digestion through your intestinal tract. It is expelled with feces.

There are, however, rare instances when swallowing a large amount of gum or several small pieces in a short time may cause some obstructions in the digestive system.

A greater risk of blockage exists when chewing gum is swallowed with a foreign object, such as coins, or when it is swallowed with foods that are not digested, such as sunflower seeds. You should be aware of what your little ones put into their mouths.

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