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Top 20 Of The Best Quotes To Motivate Your Team

Quotes To Motivate Your Team

It’s not always easy to unite a team around a common project and ensure everyone has their eyes fixed on the same objective. Bangro has therefore brought together 20 quotes for you to motivate your employees!

1. You Have To Aim For The Moon, Because At Least If You Fail, You’ll End Up In The Stars – Oscar Wilde

2. The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It – Peter Drucker

3. The Desire To Do Well Is A Powerful Driving Force. That Of Doing Good Is Even More Powerful – Michael Aguilar

4. The Pessimist Says: I Will Believe When I See It – The Optimist Says: I Will See It When I Believe It – Zig Ziglar

5. Believe In Your Dreams, And Maybe They Will Come True. Believe In Yourself, And They Will Surely Come True – Martin Luther King

6. If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It – Waltz Disney

7. Stay Away From People Who Hold Back Your Ambitions. Little Minds Always Do That. The Greatest Minds Alone Make You Feel That You, Too, Can Become Great – Mark Twain

8. The Only Place Where Success Precedes Hard Work Is In The Dictionary – Vidal Sassoon

9. The Goal Of Life Is Not The Hope Of Becoming Perfect, It Is The Will To Be Always Better – Ralph Waldo Emerson

10. There’s Only One Way To Fail, And That’s To Give Up Before You’ve Succeeded – Georges Clemenceau

11. Don’t Be Afraid Of Perfection, You Will Never Achieve It – Salvador Dali

12. Following The Path That Is Called Later, We Come To The Square That Is Never Called – Seneca

13. Obstacles Are Those Scary Things You See When You Look Away From Your Goals – Henry Ford

14. To Be Able To Contemplate A Rainbow, You Must First Endure The Rain – Chinese Proverb

15. The Species That Survive Are Not The Strongest Or The Most Intelligent Species, But Those That Adapt Best To Change – Charles Darwin

16. The Biggest Mistake You Can Make In Life Is Being Afraid Of Making Mistakes – John Fitzgerald Kennedy

17. Always Act As If It Is Impossible To Fail – Winston Churchill

18. It’s Hard To Fail. But It Is Even More Difficult Not To Have Tried To Succeed – Theodore Roosevelt

19. Failure Is The Spice That Gives Flavor To Success – Truman Capote

20. Failure Is Just An Opportunity To Do The Same Thing Again More Intelligently – Henry Ford

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