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These are The 9 Affirmations of a Happy Couple

Affirmations of a Happy Couple
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One of the biggest doubts in love is knowing how to manage a relationship well. Many would love a scientific formula to solve this question, but of course, there is not. What does exist is a group of 9 statements that Possibly every happy couple applies in their day-to-day life.

We often see or meet couples who have been together for a long time, who also look completely happy, and it seems that their story is taken from a Disney movie.

One would believe that it is a matter of luck or magic and that one day our prince or princess will come to our door to make us completely happy, but we must be clear that things are not like that.

A good relationship consists of a lot of work on both sides, respect, an open mind, and patience. If you have heard the term “my better half,” then let me tell you that it is wrong.

A couple is not made up of two halves but of two wholes, two complete oranges that complement each other to do something better and understand the true meaning of accepting each other.

1. Relationships require a change

It is good to accept the defects of the other person, but it is more important to listen to the partner and take when one is wrong, recognize it and thus be able to improve.

We have constantly heard that the phrase “if you love me, you must accept me as I am” is applied in some relationships.

Although he is somewhat right, these words hide certain selfishness that blocks us from thinking about the possibility of improving.

Of course, no one can force you to change your way of being, and if they do, it’s not healthy. That’s why the change must always come from within, from the personal.

Conclusion: a couple must listen to the other’s opinion to find points that both can work on to improve the relationship.

2. Every happy couple is a “work in progress.”

Like many things in the vast universe, a couple constantly changes and progresses. Relationships are always building no matter how long you’ve been together, whether a month or 30 years.

It is not possible to think that at a certain point, a happy couple will find their perfect balance and a point where they can remain and thus be satisfied forever. There are constant changes and ways to adapt, and as the subtitle says, it is a “work in progress.”

3. Happy couples also argue

It is a fatal mistake to think that couples, even if they seem the most perfect, do not argue or that their happiness is because they do not have any problems.

Those who are happy argue constantly. The difference with unhappy people is that they know how to solve misunderstandings and come out stronger later. Again the importance of listening and accepting when one is wrong.

It could say that if a couple does not argue at all, it is because, in reality, there is not much interest.

4. Arguments don’t have a winner or loser.

Discussing does not mean entering a coliseum and seeing who is victorious. It is not about checking who is wiser and right par excellence.

On the contrary, there should always be different points of view to be able to talk about the important issues trying to reach an agreement on both sides.

If you think that someone must always be right, you will enter a circle of violence and ugly discussions full of ego that will lead you nowhere.

5. A relationship doesn’t have to be difficult.

Put aside the idea that loving is difficult or painful, and if it becomes heavy and unbearable, then it is not love.

Of course, as I said at the beginning of this note, it requires work and effort more than anything when it comes to solving problems or differences.

Still, if it makes you suffer, it causes you to anguish all day, it hurts you because it means that you experience what some call a “toxic relationship,” so it is better to get away from there.

6. The happiest couples are laid back.

This does not mean that those who look relaxed go through life worth everything and without giving importance to their partner, but come on, a relationship as long as it is serious and with the points above can be quite fun and free of tension.

Sometimes the need to be the “perfect partner” leads to a lot of pressure and generates feelings and situations that are not even relevant.

7. Love is not always everything

It must be clear that the idea of fairy tales of “love conquers all” is completely false and is very poorly planned. As long as there is love, everything can get ahead is a lie that can result in something bad.

Love cannot do everything, and it is important to stop attributing that responsibility to it, which must come from one and the other in the relationship. It would help if you remembered that you should set limits as it is also healthy.

You can love a person very much, but if he hurts you repeatedly, you have the right to stop it and say, “this is as far as I got,” even if there is still love.

8. A happy couple knows that you can resolve not all conflicts.

You have to record very well that there are things in which you may never be able to agree with your partner, and here, the phrase “if you love me, you must accept me as I am” returns, but in another context.

Nobody is perfect and happy couples must accept it and know how to deal with what seems to have no solution. For example, if after talking about a certain topic and you can’t reach a complete agreement, there is something that you don’t like or the other doesn’t like, then you should understand what it’s about, as long as there is no violence of using the course.

9. Sexual growth is important

It is said that after the first three years, the infatuation begins to pass. In more exact terms, the brain chemistry begins to give way, but a happy couple manages to pass this stage and continue.

At first, the body and the beauty you see in the other person are everything, but what happens? How do you move on? Is it possible to enjoy sex years after being with the same person?

The answer is yes, as long as both parties accept that this entire first stage passes and sooner or later, it will end. And that is where you have to give way to growth, start experimenting with each other, find out what you like, try new things and, of course, always agree on both sides to want to have a moment together.

A happy couple grows both in and out of bed.

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