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The Brushes are Cleaned Correctly to Paint the Nails this Way.

The brushes are cleaned correctly
Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay

We should take special care of the tools we use to beautify our bodies, such as nail brushes.

To achieve a sublime beauty, the nails must be polished frequently and are subjected to multiple manicure procedures. One of the tools most commonly used is brushes, which are effective but have a short useful life when exposed to enamels. Considering this, we must clean these tools very well.

The brushes, of all the nails’ beautifying elements, require special care due to their constant contact with different products, deteriorating them and reducing their useful life. However, taking proper care of them will allow them to last longer and ensure their optimal performance. As a result, cleaning will be of primary importance.

Paint the Nails
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

The brushes used for artistic detail on the nails are very precise and delicate because the details are made up of small parts. Due to this, even the tiniest remnant of paint may affect their operation and make them unusable. As such, you can begin by placing acetone in a small glass vessel, as acetone is an effective product for removing stubborn traces of enamel. While if you prefer a milder solution, you can make your cleanser that is free of acetone or special for natural or synthetic bristles.

When you immerse the brush between 10 and 20 seconds, you will notice how the dirt has come off, and the cleaner has been stained. If the paint has already dried, you may need to move it gently into the liquid for it to be washed away completely. For elements that do not bristle, soak a little cotton in the remover and rub the item gently so as not to scratch it.

After the brushes have been cleaned, they need to be dried. You will need to rest them on a paper towel or cotton disc and move them until no remnants of the remover remain. Last, we must moisten the bristles with good cuticle oil and then dry again with a clean paper towel. This is followed by beautifying the nails again.

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