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The 9 Best Things to Do in Ensenada

The 9 Best Things to Do in Ensenada
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Ensenada has a harmony between the sea, the valleys and the forest. It is the perfect place to fall in love with dazzling landscapes, exquisite cuisine, excellent wine and an intimate connection with nature. Here is the list of ensenada things to do.

Join us on an off-road adventure to the capital of Mexican wine as we explore the city named by UNESCO as a Creative City for its gastronomy in 2015.

The port of Ensenada

An ideal place to start your tour is on the city’s boardwalk, right in the heart of the port, where you can see the Pacific and cruise ships arriving.

You will find plenty of restaurants, cafes, bars, craft shops, street food stands, and the Black Market, one of the best places to find the catch of the day and where the best restaurants in the State are supplied.

The carts

It would help if you walked along the first street of this entity to see some of the unique elements that make it a foodie destination. These elements include the carretas or street stalls that sell the best seafood delicacies.

You can taste aguachiles, cocktails, shrimp ceviche toast, octopus, tripe, fish, tuna, cod, sea cucumber, hedgehog, fish pate, clams, and crab, snail, mussels and oysters.

Fish tacos

To name a few, Tacos El Fenix, Tacos Marco Antonio, and La Floresta serve Ensenada style fish tacos that are sure to steal your heart.

The trip ends at Hussong’s canteen, one of the oldest in the country. Decorated in the traditional style of the north, it offers rock music, band and northern varieties that sound live. House specialties include snacks and daisies.

The Bufadora

In addition to admiring this city’s nature, you must visit La Bufadora. In this spectacle, the water shoots out of the rocks into the air, similar to a marine geyser you can see from a viewpoint.

There are quiet beaches nearby where you can sunbathe and relax or raise the adrenaline with hiking, snorkelling, kayaking and coasteering, which includes you can experience rappelling, climbing, diving, and zip lining in the waters of Bahia del Papalote, the only place in Mexico where you can enjoy such activities.

Constitution National Park of 1857

Camping enthusiasts can explore Constitution National Park, a protected area since 1983 famous for its diversity of birds, wildlife, and endemic plant and animal species. It is surrounded by an impressive pine forest with endemic shrub species.

In this area, you can hike, connect with Mother Nature, sleep under the stars while camping, or stay in a cabin.

Across the water from this area is the Hanson Lagoon, a great place for canoeing, fishing, or taking great pictures.

Wine Route

Mexican Wine Route
Mexican Wine Route

One of the essential alternatives to a trip through Ensenada is to enjoy the Wine Route. Several agricultural areas are found in Valle de Guadalupe, Santo Tomas, El Porvenir and Ojos Negros, where thousands of vineyards and olive trees grow. A visit to the more than 100 wine projects will include wine tasting, walks among grapes and canvas, and dazzling architectural projects to show you the beauty and magic of wine.

Signature Restaurants

This route is not only about wine, as you’ll find gourmet restaurants, country cuisine or fusions that will leave you breathless. We also have Fauna, Laja, Animalon, Tras Lomita, Lunario, Finca Altozano, Dona Esthela, Deckman’s in Mogor, Hacienda Guadalupe, Malva, La Justina, Hacienda Guadalupe, among others.

Craft beer

The craft beer section is another special item; ensenadense beer has won awards for some years at the most prestigious competitions in this sector.”. Therefore, visiting one of its tap rooms is a must. Some of the most recognized brands in the port are Media Perra, Transpeninsular, Wendlandt, Doble C and Cerveceria #159.

Diving with sharks

Isla Guadalupe is home to one of the most exotic activities you can do, white shark diving. This experience is only available for extreme visitors since you are immersed with special costumes in the sea depths.

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