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The 10 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings

The 10 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings
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Dreams are necessary for our psychic balance. Many psychologists and specialists often look for meaning in our dreams.

How would you like to understand your dreams and thus understand the mysteries surrounding the events while you sleep? These are 10 very common dreams with their meanings.

1. Losing your teeth

Losing your teeth in Dream
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In this context, the teeth would represent strength and self-confidence. Losing them in a dream would imply losing your means and feeling uncomfortable after a turnaround. According to Freud, a dream caused by sexual impotence could also be the cause. As teeth are the first thing we lose in childhood, when we discover our sexuality for the first time, they are associated with shame.

2. Being naked in public

Being naked in public dream
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Finding yourself naked as a worm in a public place is synonymous with a sense of vulnerability. If the dreamer is ashamed of being naked in his dream, Luc Uyttenhove, author of the Dictionary of Dreams, says he fears being revealed too much or showing too much about himself. Those starting a new job may have the same dream.

3. Being chased

Being chased in Dream
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It doesn’t matter if it’s a killer or an animal chasing you. Dreaming of being chased represents your anxiety. You might not be able to solve a mundane day-to-day issue, or something might annoy you. If the dream is unpleasant, it would seem as if it is a positive sign since it would inspire the dreamer to tackle the problem. In your dream, confront your attacker.

4. Fly through the air

falling in dream
Falling in dream

In general, flying is a pleasant dream and carries as much meaning. Dreamers who fly feel free from burdens, provided the flight and landing are uneventful. The dream of a difficult glide may indicate a lack of control over some situations. In this dream, the dreamer might feel held back and wants some freedom.

5. Die

Dying in Dream
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Dreaming of dying is usually not a bad thing, as it signifies the end of an ordeal or occasion in one’s life and thus the beginning of a new one. Die to be reborn better!

6. Falling into the void

Falling into the void in Dream
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The dream of falling is common among people feeling overwhelmed by their professional or relationship life, according to Lauri Loewenberg and Russell Grant. There are two possible reactions to the fall: face it without fear or panic.

A feeling of falling during sleep is more common during extreme fatigue and has nothing to do with sleep at all.

7. An affair with your partner

Affair with your partner in dream
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Dreaming about being cheated would be THE most common dream! When you experience this dream frequently, it would indicate that you have an unconscious fear regarding your romantic relationship, possibly a fear of abandonment or betrayal.

8. Cheating on your partner

Cheating on your partner in dreams
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Cheating on your partner in a dream might be a way of escaping your principles and giving in to splurging. Cheating in a dream on the person you love can also mean that you feel abandoned by them. However, it is also possible that you have unacknowledged desires.

9. Being late

Being late in dreams
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Nicole Gratton, a dream expert, believes dreaming of being late indicates two things. First, you may feel like something in your life requires more of your time, such as your professional situation, romantic relationship, family, or friendships. On the other hand, it could also indicate that you are so busy that you temporarily forget about your obligations in dreams.

10. Drown

Drowning in dreams
Drowning in dreams

You might dream of drowning if you’re overwhelmed by a situation, stress, or problem. Dreams like these indicate that you feel overwhelmed by events.

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