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Smiling Depression? Know Its Symptoms And Why It Is Considered One Of The Most Dangerous?

Smiling Depression Is it Dangerous
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They call it “smiling depression,” one of the most dangerous types of depression that exists and that is most abundant today. According to internet statistics, this condition has been one of the most sought after by users worldwide in recent months.

Many will believe that it is impossible to be going through a strong depressive crisis and not appear to be, but it is quite common in reality. Many people suffer from depressive states but socially adopt a fairly “positive” and “happy” attitude, implying the opposite. Hence it’s a great risk.

As such, the term “smiling depression” is not clinically correct. In fact, for this reason, many believe it is non-existent or invented. However, compared to how psychologists and mental health experts define and detail atypical depression, we could say that these two types of depression are the same or have too many similarities.

But in response to what smiling depression is, different studies summarize it as the cover-up of the symptoms of depression, thus hiding what happens inside the person who suffers from it.

Doctor Olivia Remes, Specialist in Depression and Anxiety at the University of Cambridge, in one of her studies related to this condition, explains the following:

“It may seem that they have no reason to be sad because they have a job, a house, and maybe even children or a partner. They smile when greeted and can carry on pleasant conversations. They put on a mask that they show to the rest of the world while leading seemingly normal and active lives.”

This makes depression much riskier than it already is. The main problem is that it is much more complex to detect symptoms and seek or provide help. Consequently, not treating this type of condition makes it more vulnerable to suicide than those who have “normal” depression.

People with depression have tremendous insecurity and low self-esteem. They do not believe in their value and their usefulness in the world. And the idea of committing suicide is commonly strengthened by negative thoughts that make it impossible to materialize dreams, desires, or goals.

In the case of smiling depression, it is equally or worse than alarming since the full force of these suicidal ideas is what, in some way, “motivates” us to cope with life on a day-to-day basis.

As we mentioned before, it is difficult to detect it in people who have suffered from it since. However, conflicting behaviors always camouflage it; Dr. Remes listed some of the most common visible signs of this type of depression according to repetition in different cases:

  • Feeling of heaviness in the arms and legs
  • Eat excessively
  • Become depressed at night and need to sleep more than usual
  • Experiencing great susceptibility to criticism or rejection
  • It appears in people prone to anticipating failure, who have difficulties in overcoming humiliating situations, or who constantly think about negative situations they have been through.

One in ten people in the world suffers from depression, and that between 15% and 40% present the atypical or “smiling” variable.

And finally…

What to do if I suffer from this depression or think someone has it?

Smiling Depression
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The most important thing is and always will be to seek help. Most do not fully understand that they have a problem, which can be the riskiest. In addition, many people reject the idea of psychotherapy for fear of feeling that they are “crazy” and even feel embarrassed. Still, it must be made clear that going to therapy and seeking professional help is essential for the development and life of any person. Not just for those with depression.

It is worth emphasizing that to prevent this issue from going into the background, and we must spread the information and make it reach different people so that this disorder is known once and for all.

And finally, as a reflection, I must share that, from a personal point of view, I believe that we should never judge or criticize the people we see out there, regardless of their physical appearance, attitude towards life, social position, cultural or economic. We should prohibit ourselves from jumping to conclusions about others.

Each brain, each mind is a world, and each person we see on the street is simply a reflection of humanity and how we could be or become, and in the end, we never know the burdens, conflicts, and problems that others experience. Above all, respect for others is the most important thing.

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