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World’s Most Expensive Mango, Miyazaki

Miyazaki, Worlds Most Expensive Mango
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Miyazaki, Worlds Most Expensive Mango

Japan produces Miyazaki mangoes, which are named for the city of Miyazaki, where they are harvested.

India celebrates National Mango Day on July 22 every year. Since ancient times, mango has been a delicious and luscious fruit loved by many. Since over 5000 years ago, mangoes have been a favorite fruit. Considering its popularity, it only makes sense that this juicy, yummy fruit deserves a day all to itself. There is something about mangoes that makes everyone weak in the knees owing to their taste, from aam aadmi to not-so-aam aadmi (common man).

The mango is almost synonymous with our culture and history. A reason exists for why it is called the king of fruits. Those who love mangoes should be aware of the many varieties available around the globe. Ever wondered what the costliest mango variety is?

As we celebrate National Mango Day around the country, let’s determine which is the most expensive mango.

There are several varieties of mangoes, but a type known as Miyazaki mango is known to be the most expensive. Currently, it costs $3600 per kilogram on the international market. As well as being called “eggs of the sun,” Miyazaki mangoes are also known as daybeans.

Where Is Miyazaki Grown?

In Japan, the Miyazaki mango is named after the city of Miyazaki, where it was grown.

Miyazaki Mangoes: Including The Best Choices:

A mango weighs about 350 grams and has a lovely red color.

There is a resemblance between the appearance of the egg and that of a dinosaur.

In contrast to yellow pelican mangos grown in Southeast Asia, these Irwin mangos are black.

As a result of its fiery red color, Miyazaki is also called a dragon’s egg.

Interesting Trivia

There is evidence that a couple in Madhya Pradesh named Sankalp Parihar and Rani planted two Miyazaki mango trees in their orchard in Jabalpur. The mango saplings were given to them by a man traveling to Chennai in 2020.

In the beginning, they didn’t realize they had come across the most expensive mangoes in the world. The saplings were planted casually in their orchard but later discovered the fruits had a distinctive color.

It’s called Damini, after Sankalp’s mother.

They stationed four security personnel and six dogs in the orchard after thieves attempted to steal the mangoes. In response to a businessman’s offer of $3600 per kg for the Miyazaki mangoes, they refused because they intended to offer the first mango to the Almighty.

Why Miyazaki Mango Is Very Expensive?

Typically, the weight of the fruit must be at least 350 grams, and the sugar content must be 15%. Each fruit must pass strict quality requirements to qualify for the premium price. It is nature’s gift that Miyazaki mangoes have such qualities. It was also regarded as a premium fruit by humans. A Japanese luxury gift, it’s considered to be a very special item.

Is Miyazaki mango sweet?

It has a flaming red appearance, a flavor that is 15 percent sweeter than other mango varieties, and an amazing texture that makes this mango a rarity.

Is Miyazaki mango tasty?

In addition to 15% sugar content, a minimum weight of 350 grams, and a striking deep red color, Miyazaki mangoes are renowned for their sweet and tasty qualities. For these criteria to be met, they have very strict growing conditions.

Which country produce Miyazaki mango?

Interesting fact: The Miyazaki mango, which grows on Kyushu island, Japan, is derived from an American mango grown in Florida. As a result of the warm climate in Japan, they moved there in the mid-80s. Mangoes have 15% more sugar than other fruits.

What does Miyazaki mango taste like?

Miyazaki mango is renowned for its creamy texture, fragrant flavor, and juicy flesh. Its rich sweetness, however, will blow you away with its unparalleled flavor compared to conventional mangoes.

What is the benefit of Miyazaki mango?

As well as being delicious, mangoes contain antioxidants and nutrients, including beta-carotene and folic acid, which are great for women, help with tired eyes, and prevent vision loss. Mangos are used in various sweets, juices, and processed products produced by Miyazaki.

What is the health benefits of Miyazaki mango?

Unlike other mangoes, Miyazaki mangoes are rich in antioxidants and are said to be cancer-preventing. Lowers cholesterol. Beneficial for the skin. Aids in preventing heatstroke and increasing immunity.

What is the weight of Miyazaki mango?

The Miyazaki mangoes are graded differently and have a sugar content nearly 15 percent higher than other mango varieties. They must weigh around 350 grams on average. 900 grams of mangoes are possible.

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