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Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai, The Top 10 List

Makeup Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai
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List of make up artist beauty travel blogger dubai

One of the world’s most important industries is the beauty industry. Influencers who use their social media accounts to show off their talents have flocked to Dubai, where they can experiment with makeup and use their faces as their canvas. Beauty queens in the United Arab Emirates are not exempt from this rule. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 makeup artists in Dubai.

1. Huda Kattan

One of the most popular beauty influencers in the world is based in Dubai – Huda Kattan – or, better known by her social media name, ‘Huda Beauty.’

Huda Kattan make up artist blogger in dubai
Photo Credit: entrepreneur.com

Huda Kattan, a gifted makeup artist from Iraq who grew up in California, is a well-known name in the industry. There are currently over 43 million followers of Huda on Instagram, making her a prominent figure in the social media community. Her husband, Chris Goncalo, and daughter Nour Giselle, reside in Dubai with her. Huda Beauty carries Huda Beauty’s makeup and skincare line, which you can find under her name.

2. Najla Gun

Najla Gun is another well-known makeup artist in Dubai. Najla has been in the makeup business for a long time, and her expertise is unmatched.

Najla Gun dubai make up artist blogger
Photo Credit: fustany.com

She is well-known for her ability to create looks that are both natural and flattering, and her work frequently appears in print and online publications. With more than a decade of experience, Najla is an expert makeup artist in Dubai.

She is a well-known artist in Dubai, where she is based. There are more than 930,000 people who follow Najla on Instagram. As well as celebrities like Jordyn Woods and models, she has also worked with Abu Dhabi royalty and local personalities.

3. Caren William

Caren William is a young artist who has discovered her passion for makeup artistry on her own. She is from Egypt, and her natural skill and creativity have taken her to the top of her field.

Caren William Make up artist blogger dubai
Photo Credit: arabnews.com

Dubai-based makeup artist Caren William began uploading tutorials to her Instagram account in 2017, inspired by the encouragement of her family and friends. She has built an international following for her unique and innovative makeup tutorials. Caren has been happy and successful in using makeup as a source of happiness and hobby for quite some time. She has recently accomplished a lot, gaining nearly forty thousand followers on Instagram and launching her “Essence” campaign in the spring of 2019. We praise her accomplishments!

4. Sondos Alqattan

Sondos Alqattan is a Kuwaiti makeup artist with a wealth of experience and expertise in the beauty industry.

sondos alqattan dubai makeup artist
Sondos Alqattan Dubai Makeup Artist

She is also a popular social media influencer, with a large following among fellow beauty enthusiasts.

Sondos has amassed a staggering 2.3 million followers on her Instagram account, @sondos_aq.Sondos is always eager to share her tips and advice with her followers, answering any questions they may have in detail.

She is a beauty specialist and makeup artist and shares her daily beauty routine and makeup tips, as well as provides valuable advice on the many and varied makeup techniques and methods.

This Kuwaiti beauty has a wealth of experience in makeup, which has given her the ability to create beautiful looks that are admired by many. She loves to create unique and modern looks that fit the needs of Arab women.

She usually completes her eye makeup with black eyeliner that Arab brides love. Another look Sondos Alqattan likes is the smoky look with a modern touch.

5. Judy Poulos

Judy Poulos is a makeup artist from Syria who resides in Abu Dhabi, one of the region’s major cities.

Judy Poulos dubai make up artist
Photo Credit: masala.com

She is skilled at creating beautiful makeup looks that reflect her home country’s unique culture and heritage. Judy began her makeup journey through her passion for artistry and began posting videos on Instagram to share her work with others. Through this, she has been given opportunities to work on projects with various beauty brands and collaborated with friends to practice.

Judy has 40,000 followers on social media and a YouTube account and has become a powerful voice in the community.

6. Aliya Fatima

Finally, we have another self-taught makeup artist from Dubai, 21 year old Aliya Fatima.

Aliya Fatima Make up Artist Dubai
Photo Credit: republicnewsindia.com

Aliya is a senior in university and has been involved in the beauty community for many years. She considers herself a full-time makeup artist and blogger and is always looking to learn more.

Aliya’s journey began with her mother, a makeup artist herself. Aliya believes that this is where her true passion lies, and she has worked with many brands in the industry, starting with Huda Beauty, the brand owned by fellow Dubai based makeup artist Huda Kattan.

7. The Tezzy files

Tezzy is warm and fuzzy. When I’m Tezzy I feel all cuddled up and loved, and the innate writer in me resurfaces.

The Tezzy files beauty blogger dubai
The Tezzy files beauty blogger dubai

She is genetically Indian, spent her formative years in Kuwait and New Zealand, and she now married and spending my ‘happy ever after’ in the vibrant city of Dubai. The UAE is a true blend of East and West. We have snazzy malls boasting of the biggest global brands, and then we have the quaint old souks soaked in age-old Arabesque charm and heritage. We have eateries catering to the rich and famous, and little gems serving up dollops of home-style food at throwaway prices.

Tezzy will teach you how to create beautiful makeup looks, understand all the different makeup techniques, and learn about hair products and styles. She is also very talented in accessories and finding the right outfits.

8. Diana Chipar

Diana Chipar was once a celebrity stylist, but it wasn’t until she moved to Dubai in 2007 that her career took off.

Diana Chipar Dubai makeup artist
Photo Credit: megalopreneur.com

Starting as a model stylist, she has worked for many different celebrities over the years. Soon after that, she started focusing more on her social media presence and becoming an influencer. One thing that separates Diana from other influencers is that she takes her photos, edits them, and posts them on various handles.

Many big brands focused on her, and they booked her for many television commercials. From a young age, fashion and beauty have been a passion of mine.

Ten years of modeling have taught me to appreciate fashion profoundly. Being surrounded by such talented designers and makeup artists has allowed me to explore my creative side and develop into a wardrobe stylist and celebrity stylist. I love sharing my work on Instagram as mood boards, inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Being an influencer came easily and naturally over time. People found my style of dressing models and celebrities to be very stylish, so it was easy for me to transition to this style.

9. Miss Mulberry

Mulberry is a fashion and lifestyle blog celebrating the art of dressing well. She has penned essays on various topics, including her everyday style and travels abroad.

Miss Mulberry make up artist dubai blogger
Photo Credit: missmulberry.com

Mulberry’s thoughts turn to her blog, launched in May of 2014. Over 80,000 Instagram followers follow her posts, which feature her stunning fashion shots and selfies with her friends. At a Max Factor Arabia event in 2016, she met and took selfies with renowned makeup artist and TV Show Host Joelle Mardinian. Their shared love of makeup led to a lasting friendship.

10. Mona Kattan

Mona Kattan is the global president of Huda Beauty, which she co-founded alongside her sisters Huda and Alya Kattan.

Mona Kattan Makeup artist Blogger
Mona Kattan Makeup artist Blogger Duai

She is a driving force behind the brand’s success, and her passion for beauty is infectious. Mona has played a significant role in the development of Huda Beauty, which has become a leading brand in the beauty industry.She oversees the company’s strategy and oversees the brand’s growth.

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