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According to science, let me know how you drink your coffee, and I’ll tell you how you are.

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They say that life begins with the first cup of coffee. I didn’t get it until I was past 25 years old and immersing myself in the joys of caffeine, which became my only addiction in the world.

But what I didn’t know until recently is how a seemingly everyday decision like ordering an espresso or a cappuccino can reveal more about our personality than we think.

It turns out that the psychologist Ramani Durvasula developed a study on the relationship between the personality of people and the coffee they prefer to drink regularly. It was published in the self-help book “You are because you eat: change your eating attitude and change your life”.

This study mainly analyzed personality traits such as introversion, patience, warmth, perfectionism, and sensitivity.

He took a sample of 1,000 coffee consumers and evaluated various everyday scenarios where people had to describe their actions and determine what type of coffee they usually drink.

If you want to know what the results were, here is a brief explanation:

Black coffee

According to Dr Durvasula, those who prefer black coffee are old-school traditionalists who like to keep things simple.

They are usually patient and very efficient in everything they do, although be careful as they tend to be moody, brusque or disdainful.

They are not people who like changes and resist them if they consider them unnecessary.

Coffee without sugar

Be careful here, lovers of bitter coffee! Research from the University of Innsbruck in Austria revealed a pattern among people who prefer coffee without sugar, and this is that they have an “evil” personality.

According to this study, these people have psychopathy, narcissism, sadism, and Machiavellianism tendencies.

The study’s author, Christina Sagioglou, explained that this relationship might be because eating bitter foods can be “dangerous” (at least for the palate). And people who have psychopathy enjoy it.


The personality of a decaf drinker is often seen as selfish, perfectionist, obsessive, and maybe someone too concerned about their health.

They are people who love to have everything under control, although sometimes they can put too much emphasis on rules, control and order.

The advantage is that these concerns keep you healthy and take the time to reflect on the most important decisions.

Instant coffee

Be careful, and if you like black coffee, you may have traits of both types of personality.

Those who prefer their instant coffee, according to this study, tend to be relaxed people who live in the moment and do not worry too much about tomorrow.

It is worth mentioning that being so relaxed can mean that sometimes they do not plan their goals and progress.

Mocha, cappuccino, and other coffee drinks

Here, other drinks are included, such as latte, mochaccino, and cortado. According to Dr Durvasula, this coffee fan is a person with a more pleasant personality.

They like to meet people and love to try new things; they are spontaneous and creative, although they can be reckless and fall for quick fixes.

Did you feel identified? Take into account that the study is not conclusive and only mentions certain patterns in the personality according to your tastes. Still, each person is different, and many factors intervene in our way of being, so do not worry if what you read does not favor you.

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