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‘I want to be happy’: Kim Kardashian Reveals Why She Divorced Kanye

Kim Kardashian Reveals Why She Divorced Kanye
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The last season of “Keeping up with the Kardashians” was highly anticipated because it was its final installment and because many of us hoped to find the answer to why Kim and Kanye separated.

Although the question has not yet been definitively resolved, everything would indicate that the rumors of Kanye’s alleged infidelity with another man had no truth behind them. His divorce would be more related to his lifestyle.

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The most recent episode of the program showed Kim Kardashian speaking publicly about the subject for the first time since the news of her divorce from Kanye West was released. At the time of filming, the couple had not yet started the legal process.

Why Kim and Kanye broke up

Though it’s only a short segment on the show, Kim and Khloé talk about the former’s issues with her then-husband, Kanye.

Kim explains that at the moment, they are “calm,” and there have been no recent fights like the one they had before the trip, which they both say was a very big one and it is probably the one they had when he confessed in the middle of a debate. Electoral that she had considered aborting her eldest daughter, North.

However, immediately afterward, a flashback is shown in which Kim is crying and letting off steam with her sisters Kylie, Kendall, and Kourtney, to whom she says:

“Honestly, I can’t continue doing this anymore. Why am I still stuck in the same place for years? He moves to a different state every year and I have to be by his side to raise the kids. He is an amazing father, he is doing a great job.”

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At this, Kourtney assures him that he will continue to be a good father even if they are no longer together and assures him that Kanye has even been better off without her in Wyoming. That’s when Kim breaks down in tears and explains the possible reason why Kim and Kanye broke up:

“I think he deserves to be with someone who supports him at all times and follows him anywhere in the world and moves to Wyoming and does everything. I can not do that. I feel like a fucking failure , it’s my third fucking marriage. Yeah, I feel like a fucking loser. But I can’t even think about that. I want to be happy”.

At the end of the flashback, Khloé explains to the camera that her sister has tried to protect her marriage at all costs, as she would not be willing to live the way Kim does.

The final episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” which will air on June 10, is likely to show Kim finally deciding to divorce Kanye.

Although from the advance, everything indicates that the answer to why Kim and Kanye separated is the same. The businesswoman and influencer are heard complaining once again about Kanye’s constant changes.

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