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Huasteca Potosina offers 5 Luxury Experiences

Huasteca Potosina
Huasteca Potosina

The Huasteca Potosina offers five luxury experiences you can live.

Mexico’s natural and cultural treasure, the Huasteca Potosina, is a jungle paradise filled with waterfalls, rivers, and springs.

San Luis Potosi is aptly known as the surrealist state of Mexico.

Natural beauty and authentic soul permeate the Huasteca Potosina, with the sounds of its birds, the colors of its waterfalls, and the colors in its rivers.

Surreal in every sense, the Huasteca is a living, vibrant piece of art that immerses us in its magic with each step.

Huasteca Potosina Hotels and Gastronomy

Many boutique hotels and restaurants at the Huasteca Potosina offer gastronomic experiences that will make you love their food.

Explore these places to try anything from traditional dishes, such as enchiladas potosinas, to signature dishes or creative food.

Also, there are eco-lodges and glamping where you can camp in luxury amid the natural world. Here are some suggestions to try:

Meco Jump

In this land of water, sugar, and adrenaline, we began our journey at the Salto del Meco waterfall within the Naranjo region.

Almost green waters, sheltered by exuberant nature, glisten under a 38-meter drop.

If explored by paddleboard, raft, or from the Huasteca Secreta hotel restaurant, this waterfall and its surroundings are a sanctuary of peace, color, and light.

Water that is crystal clear comes from dust released by the limestone at the bottom of the river.

Restaurant El Mirador at Huasteca Secreta offers a great view of the waterfall and is located on a balcony.

Here we have typical Huasteca food such as cecina and barbecue, as well as seafood dishes such as ceviche and shrimp tacos.

Old Mines

El Naranjo is near the Huasteca Potosina, where there is a beautiful waterfall group.

With its fine sediments painting the calm waters white, the Minas Viejas waterfall makes us feel we might be in another world as the white waters contrast with the green vegetation and the light brown walls of the canyon.

Huasteca Potosina’s spectacular fall reaches 50 meters high and is distributed over four pools with turquoise water, the most intense that we can observe here.

A jungle environment takes us through wooden bridges as we wander around the colorful waterfall and take in its surreal beauty.


In the jungles of Huasteca Potosina, Mikos is a paradise formed by seven staggered waterfalls of turquoise color.

Its waterfalls range from two to twenty meters wide and have become adventure destinations, from jumping waterfalls to ziplining.

A waterfall circuit is found along a kilometre of El Salto River in Micos, named after the area’s monkeys.

It’s best to visit this site from November to March to avoid the rains and see the color of the water due to the minerals it contains.

Our day at Micos waterfall was filled with unforgettable adventures on zip lines that took us over the river and across the high tops of the trees.

Then, we jumped on a flying bike while balanced on a thin cable 80 meters above waterfalls. The adrenaline made our hearts beat in time with the torrential falls of the water.

Jungle Tennek

The Selva Teenek management unit is close to Micos waterfalls and is focused on wildlife conservation and sustainable use.

Here I enjoy learning about the beautiful preservation work that is being done and being a part of its history.

PROFEPA has confiscated specimens housed in this park. They cannot be returned to their natural habitat since people kept them as pets in their homes for a long time or because they removed them from their burrows at an early age which did not allow them to learn from their mothers the hunting and escape skills required to survive in the wild, making them destined to live in captivity forever.

Selva Teenek offers lodging as well, with spacious rooms within the reserve.

Enjoy the typical food of the area as you trek through the jungle and observe animals such as the jaguar, puma, anteater, and margay, which distinguish this special region of our country.

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