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How Time Blocking Technique Can Help You be More Productive

Time Blocking Technique
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Everybody has 24 hours in a day, so why do some people get so much more out of it than others? What makes some people do incredible things, but others barely get by? In this post, we’ll share with you the technique of time blocking, which we’ve been using for several years to get the most out of our day and advance in our most important practices.

Is time blocking effective?

Many great entrepreneurs and productivity experts, including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Cal Newport, also use this time management technique to manage their time. It is without a doubt the key to their success.

To be more productive, we discuss the benefits of time blocking, which consist of planning the day and reserving specific blocks of time to accomplish certain tasks.

If you do not set a deadline for each task, then it is pointless to have an endless list of tasks.

As a result, working in blocks will force you to limit your time to each task, stop procrastinating, be more focused, and thus, be more productive.

In addition, you need one or more calendars to plan your week by putting blocks of time aside for each of your priorities.

It is also possible to do it on paper, but the truth is that we always recommend using online applications since they are much easier to edit, re-plan, and share.

Time blocking techniques benefits

Our next step is to explore some of the benefits of using the time block technique to multiply your effectiveness and make progress toward your goals much faster:

1. Your use of time is proactive

Every day, we have 24 hours, but how we use them determines our results. Instead of getting carried away week after week, learn how to use your time proactively to advance your priorities and goals.

2. Concentration can be increased with the time blocking technique.

If you’ve planned to complete a task within a specific timeframe, you are more likely to commit to it. To achieve your goals, you focus as much as possible and avoid distractions.

3. You avoid multitasking

This point is highly related to the previous one. Setting a certain time for each task prevents you from jumping from one to another with a sense of not having accomplished everything.

It is no longer necessary to run through your email constantly since you plan a block of time for it later in your schedule.

4. A time blocking technique reduces stress.

Visualizing how the week will look is incredibly empowering, allowing you to feel high in control. You have clear priorities, so you suddenly rid your mind of the chaos and relieve stress.

5. Your personal and professional lives should be more balanced

When you reserve time in your calendar for your personal life, you assign the importance you believe they deserve. You can separate different parts of your day with it as well.

6. Be more productive

Lastly, be more productive. According to experts, a 40-hour work week with time blocking is equivalent to a 60+ hour week spent without any structure.

So, with this method, your productivity will increase by 150%.

Here’s how you can be more productive by using the Time Blocking technique

With all of these benefits mentioned, we hope we have generated enough curiosity for you to be curious about this technique.

In 7 easy steps, let’s see how you can implement time blocking:

1. Planning your week is the key to a successful week.

You must get off the autopilot of the day-to-day and stop doing things aimlessly by scheduling a weekly planning block of time in your calendar.

Thinking, reflecting, and reconnecting with your goals will be helpful. Planning your week helps you stay on track and avoid getting sucked into the urgencies of the day-to-day.

2. Your personal life should be the first thing you think about

It is common for people to schedule work time in advance.

However, by doing it this way, you may make the mistake of overloading yourself too much and not being realistic about the amount of time you have available, resulting in neglecting other aspects of your life.

Therefore, we should start with ourselves, from habits we don’t want to give up, like exercising, meditating, or reading to time with our family.

Using different colors will help differentiate each area, and you will have a visually appealing calendar that will allow you to manage better the time allocated to each task.

To help you learn about the areas of your life, we provide you with a video on The Wheel of Life.

2.3 You should block time for proactive and reactive tasks.

Proactive tasks are focus tasks that help you move forward with your projects. Undoubtedly, these are the most important and should be blocked first.

In addition, there will be reactive tasks like checking emails, taking meetings, and placing calls. Which also needs to be reserved.

By doing these tasks together simultaneously, you can save time by not changing context frequently.

2.4 Manage your energy

It is important to know how your energy changes throughout the day when you plan in blocks of time.

Others focus best in the morning, while others in the afternoon or even at night.

Remember to schedule your most critical or complex tasks in those blocks of time, and you will notice how much more productive you are.

2.5 Be flexible and prepared for unforeseen events.

Emergencies and unexpected events occur, and we can’t always control them.

Therefore, leaving time blocks blank is a good practice to avoid becoming frustrated when you cannot meet your schedule.

It is normal that a task initially takes longer than you anticipated, so give yourself more time than you think you will need.

A good practice is to monitor your time to know how long a particular task takes and improve your estimates accordingly.

Using tools like toggle or kanban flow, you will later be able to view detailed reports on how much time you have spent on each activity.

2.6 Focus on the task and reduce distractions

During the time you have allotted, ensure no one bothers you.

Don’t be distracted by social media, close any tabs that aren’t needed, and concentrate on your task for the designated time.

Your progress will amaze you.

2.7 Review the planning.

Lastly, review your day for what you finally managed to accomplish, replan if required, and learn from it.

Here are our three main keys to implementing the time blocking technique of blocks of time to be more productive every day.

Now, it’s up to you whether or not you want to use the time blocking technique.

If you do not intend to live a normal life, perhaps you don’t need all of this and can spend your time foolishly without realizing it.

In contrast, those who strive for excellence and continuous improvement, those who want to improve, achieve great results, and contribute more to society, view their time as a resource that they can exploit to maximize their return.

7 Best Time Blocking Apps

  1. ClickUp
  2. Clockify
  3. HourStack
  4. Sunsama
  5. TimeCamp
  6. Planyway
  7. TimeBloc
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