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Where to Travel in March 2023? Best Places to Travel in March 2023

where to travel in March
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Where to travel in March 2023? During spring, the snow melts, the flowers bloom, and the days get longer. Spring has arrived. March is a great month for riding. The end of the winter is a great time to travel, so March is a great month to explore. It’s peak season, which means fewer crowds and cheaper flights and accommodation.

Hopefully, our guide will help you decide where to travel in March 2023. You can explore a world of exciting destinations, from trips to the beach to cultural festivals. Here is the list of 7 Great places to travel in march.

1. India for Holi Festival

Holi Festival Where to travel in march
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People keep asking the first question like where to travel in March 2023. India hosts one of the most colorful festivals on the planet to celebrate the coming of spring. Holi occurs from March 9 to 10 in almost all Indian cities and towns.

An ancient Hindu celebration has evolved into one of India’s most beloved holidays. In addition, this holiday is a time for celebrating unity with friends and loved ones and for creating new beginnings. so your search for Where to travel in March first destination done here.

It’s the Rangwali Holi that’s one of the biggest Holi events. A famous custom during this time is to paint yourself and throw colored powder at anyone you meet. Some people also use water guns or balloons that are tinted rainbow.

Holi is celebrated with live music, dancing, singing, and the color party.

2. Japan, seeing the cherry blossoms.

cherry blossoms where to travel in march
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The city is notorious for its tall skyscrapers and high-tech robots, but it is also known for its blooming cherry blossom trees. The trees bloom in vibrant shades of pink, white, and magenta during spring.

Cherry blossom viewing is especially popular in Ueno Park and Shinjuku Gyoen parks. Take the time to explore Koishikawa Korakuen too. The tranquil garden in which this tree is located is home to a variety of blossoming cherry trees known as weeping cherry trees.

Watching hanami, a cherry blossom festival has been a tradition at the park during cherry blossom season. The party can be a daytime picnic with food and games or a raucous nighttime affair with sake and karaoke.

The cherry blossom season lasts from late March to early April in Japan. Blooms may last just a week or so, so check the official cherry blossom forecast to find out when they will bloom.

3. Mendoza, Argentina, for the Harvest

mendoza, argentina harvest
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Calling all wine lovers! It hosts one of the largest wine festivals in the world during the first week of March in Mendoza, Argentina. More than 40.000 people attend the Mendoza Harvest Wine Festival to mark the start of the harvest season.

The festival is, however, more than a wine tasting event. Live theater performances, traditional music and dance, and other cultural events mark this week-long celebration.

So where to travel in march for great wines?

You will also be able to sample delicious wines. It’s still not too late to remember Argentina’s best wineries and winemakers.

The main event is a beauty pageant where contestants battle it out for the title of Vintage Queen. In celebration of the winning entry, a parade of dancers and live music takes place and a fireworks display.

more information, please visit winesofargentina.com

4. Ethiopia, for the dry season.

flat deserts

Ethiopia, most people think, is a land of flat deserts and dry highlands. Ethiopia is also home to forests, active volcanoes, lakes, and rivers, making it one of the most diverse countries in Africa.

In March, you’ll be able to explore Ethiopia’s natural landscape at its best. This is the end of peak season, which means warm temperatures and little or no rain.

Also, the dry season is the best time to spot wildlife. A visit to the Simien Mountains or Bale National Park will likely allow you to see Abyssinian Wolves, Gelada Baboons, Willian Ibexes, and Mountain Nyalas swimming in the waterholes.

5. The Maldives for surfing

Maldives for surfing Where to travel in march
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There are few places as attractive as the Maldives for those seeking clear blue waters and white sand beaches. With warm weather year-round, visitors can enjoy this little slice of paradise at any time.

You won’t find better conditions to surf in the Maldives than in March.

March marks the beginning of the Maldives’ surf season. Indian subcontinent monsoon winds create perfect swells lasting about two to three months. There may be waves between one meter and one and a half meters high during this time.

The type of swell depends on the atoll that is visited. In the Northern Atolls, long and consistent waves are ideal for surfers of all abilities. You will have a greater variety of waves in the southern atolls if you want a powerful and playful surf.

6. Cambodia for beaches and sun

Cambodia for beaches where to travel in march
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In March, traveling to Cambodia is ideal if you want to spend your days sunbathing. In April, despite the warm weather (mid 80’s), it isn’t as hot as it can be in the summer. This is the middle of the dry season, so it does not rain much.

Relax in your private water bungalow while overlooking Ko Kong’s picturesque fishing village. Or you can dance until dawn on Koh Rong beach at a full moon party.

7. Festival of the Jerusalem Arts in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Arts where to travel in march
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A visit to Jerusalem would not be complete without seeing the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, or the Dome of the Rock. But if you want to experience the more modern culture, visit the Jerusalem Arts Festival.

Some of the city’s most renowned artists and performers are performing during the last week of March.

You can choose from over 30 plays, musicals, dance performances, and concerts. Events are held across the city at various venues, including the Khan Theatre and Gerard Bechar Center.

Furthermore, Jerusalem Arts Festival tickets are very affordable. Every night before and after the main concerts, you can catch free performances at the Jerusalem Theater.

Make the most of your time in Israel by visiting the various sites. It is an extremely special place for me.

We have listed these best where to travel in march destinations here. There are still more there. But we have picked them from the list by travel websites.

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