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Getting Wake Up Early Morning Could Cause Mental Health Problems, Experts Reveal

Wake Up Early Morning Could Cause Mental Health Problems
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No matter what day, getting wake up early morning is an activity that you cannot love. Or has it not happened to you that waking up too early gives you a headache, you feel slower, and your concentration levels are lousy? At least I become a kind of ‘office zombie.’

Now, everything has an explanation. And it is that according to a study carried out in the United States and published by the Sage Journal, not respecting your natural rhythm of sleep could affect your social behavior.

This happens because we all have a chronotype (what we know as our internal clock) that influences our ability to get up early or go to sleep very late. When the natural rhythm of sleep is interrupted, this could damage our mental health.

According to specialists, people are divided into three categories:

  • Owls : These people are full of energy at night, so it is very easy for them to wake up.
  • Larks :┬áThat is, those who are very active from dawn
  • Diurnal : These types of people are in the middle, between owls and larks.

And this is where the problem starts, because getting up very early every day of the week when your chronotype is an owl type or, conversely, forcing yourself to stay up late when you are a lark type, could negatively change the way you behave with others.

“Research suggests that you are more inclined to engage in unethical and deviant behavior, such as being rude, bullying colleagues, or even stealing,” said Linda Geddes, a science journalist.

On the other hand, you must consider that sleeping less than six hours could reduce your glucose levels in the cerebral cortex, the region of the brain responsible for self-control.

So learn to listen to your body and respect its natural needs. Remember that it is a perfect and very wise machine.

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