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Do Not Get Bored In Bed: 9 Positions To Get Out Of The Routine In Sex

9 Positions To Get Out Of The Routine In Sex
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In sex, not everything is missionary. There are endless possibilities to make it the least boring thing in your life, even if you only have planned sex and do not conceive of spontaneous sex. Him on top, you with blades, sitting facing each other, hugging… There are so many possible combinations that we have chosen 9 simple and pleasurable positions for you to get out of the sex routine .

Position #1: The queen’s chair or facesitting

This posture is perfect to practice cunnilingus . The difference with doing it the traditional way (she lying on her back and him with her head between her legs) is that in this position you will have control . How to do it? Your partner lies on his back and you “sit” on his face, while he holds you by the hips. You must actively maintain the position , not just drop down, and move to look for his tongue and mouth in a much more active way than if you practice the more classic position. Get on your feet (squat) or on your knees.

Position #2: The doggy

This position is the favorite of many couples and it couldn’t be simpler: you get on all fours and your partner penetrates you from behind . He can keep his back straight or lie on top of you for better access to stimulate your breasts, and you can have your legs apart (with his legs between yours) or close together (with your legs between yours), thus achieving more intense sensations. It is a wonderful posture to stimulate the G-spot .

Position #3: The Throne Of The King

He sits on the edge of the bed, in a chair or on the sofa. You sit on top, with your back to him and control the rhythm and intensity of the penetrations because you will be the person who moves. From this position your partner has access to practically your entire body, so he can stimulate your breasts or clitoris and fill you with caresses while you lead the rhythm of pleasure. One piece of advice, take the opportunity to make long penetrations that reach the base of the penis and drive him crazy.

Position #4: The 69

It ‘s the quintessential oral sex position , and a wonderful way to get out of the missionary rut. You can be down (face up) or up (face down), as long as your partner is in the opposite position to yours, that is, with his head between your legs and you with your head between his. And the fun begins: you will perform fellatio while he performs cunnilingus.

Position #5: The five

This variant of the typical missionary will provide an extra in the depth of the penetrations . You will have to lie on your back and your partner will get on top of you, but with a very notable difference: you must raise your legs and place your ankles on their shoulders . Thus the pelvis is higher, the penetration is deeper and the stimulation of the G-spot is easier.

Position #6: The horsewoman or the cowgirl

This posture has many strengths. On the one hand you will control the pace and speed . As you will be sitting on your partner (who will be face up), you will be able to see him, he will be able to touch you while you move and he will even be able to accompany your hip movements with his hands, although the power will be all yours.

Position #7: The chair or “everything for me”

The chair pose is one where you will dominate whatever comes your way. As with the Amazon, you will lead the rhythm. Your partner will sit in a chair (or on a sofa) and you will straddle him . This allows you to leave your breasts accessible to his mouth, and being so close, the penetrations will stimulate the G-spot and rubbing, the clitoris. Your partner can also caress your back, accompany your hip movements with his hands on your waist or on your buttocks and you will have constant eye contact. Very exciting.

Position #8: The teaspoon or spooning

Did you think spoon pose was just for sleeping? This position, in which your body and your partner’s body are coupled with your back on their chest and lying on your sides . It is a tremendously comfortable position, in which your partner will have full access with his hand to be able to stimulate your nipples or your clitoris, or even use a vibrator so that you get double the pleasure, since in this position the point is also stimulated. G.

Position #9: The Plunger

This position is doubly exciting. First because of the posture itself, and second because you will have the option of looking through the mirror. You will both be standing in the bathroom, in front of the mirror. You will lean on the sink and he will penetrate you from behind . It also stimulates the G-spot, because it is a variant of the puppy but standing up, and the mirror will provide a very hot extra for you to get out of the routine.

The “L” and its variant with crossed legs

In English it is called “ Sex On The Counter ” whose literal translation is sex on the counter, so imagine what fantasy it may have come from. You lie on a table and abandon yourself to pleasure while your partner, standing up, penetrates you . Your legs can either wrap around his hips, or keep them up on his chest. Your hips are flexed 90 degrees and he supports them by crossing them in front of his chest. as if you will sit on it but in a horizontal position instead of vertical. This position allows, as would happen with the puppy for example, that instead of vaginal penetration, anal penetration is performed.

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