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CVS Photo Passport : 12 Things You Must Know

Getting a CVS Photo Passport
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Getting a CVS Photo Passport

You can take and print passport photos at CVS pharmacies across the country. The base fee for this service is $14.99 for two photos, but numerous coupons are also frequently available.

CVS does not require appointments to take passport photos but plans to call their pharmacy to confirm that the service is available.

A CVS photo technician is trained to provide U.S. State Department-approved pictures that are suitable for passport photos, visa photos, and ID photos, CVS says.

1. How Much Is Passport Photos At CVS?

Normally CVS passport photos cost $14.99, but if you print out the CVS passport photo template, it will cost $0.33 for six of them – see for yourself how easy this is! Spend less on two photos rather than that much.

2. How Many Passport Photos Do You Get At CVS?

In addition to two passport photos, customers can purchase two more photographs from CVS for 2.99 dollars each.

3. How long does it take to print pictures at CVS?

Generally, it shouldn’t take more than one hour, depending on how busy the store is.

4. Can I print passport photos at CVS?

You can print the pictures on your pen drive or memory card easily. You need to insert it into the photo printer and start printing. If you’d like your passport photos for just 33 cents, prepare a 4×6 passport photo template beforehand (which you can do with our app).

5. How to get a passport photo at CVS?

You can accomplish it in two ways. Either you go to CVS Photo Center and get two passport photos for $14.99, or you can get a passport photo in a digital format with Passport Photo Online and then print it out at CVS for 33 cents!

6. How early can I get a passport photo at CVS?

Hours of operation vary according to the CVS store. A few CVS pharmacies are open 24 hours, while others don’t open until 9 a.m.

7. How late can I take a passport photo at CVS?

CVS closing hours vary. While some stores are open 24 hours a day, others close at 7 p.m.

8. Do all CVS take passport photos?

It’s as simple as asking an employee for a CVS photo passport at most CVS pharmacies. Nevertheless, you can save money by preparing your passport photo in digital format in advance and having it only printed for 33 cents at your nearest CVS.

9. Does CVS do passport photos?

Yes, For just 33 cents, you can have it taken in a CVS Pharmacy for $14.99 or take a passport photo with their tool and get it printed at a nearby CVS.

10. How much is a 2×2 photo at CVS?

Rather than paying $14.99 for CVS passport photos, you can have them created in a digital version with our photo cropping tool, then print them just like a postcard for 33 cents only.

11. Coupons For CVS Photo

Take 40% off your photo products with the promo code JUNE40. Offer valid online and through the mobile app.

12. What should I wear to the CVS passport photo?

Put on clothes you normally wear daily. Clothing that looks like a uniform, camouflage patterns, or uniforms is not permitted.

Important CVS passport photo requirements

  1. Ensure that you have a neutral facial expression.
  2. It would help if you didn’t take a picture in a uniform or outrageous clothing. It is also recommended to wear non-light-colored clothing to create contrast with the white background.
  3. Religious clothing is allowed.
  4. On your passport photo, your entire face should be visible.
  5. CVS requires recent passport photos (within the past 6 months).
  6. Your headphones or glasses will prevent you from taking a photo.
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