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4 Exercises To Remove Buffalo Hump On Back Of Neck Permanently

buffalo hump on back of neck
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Having tension causes an alteration in posture and not looking good, which can be uncomfortable. That is why we are talking about how to remove the buffalo hump in 4 exercises that can positively impact your health.

An anxious body twists like a spiral, and its shoulders bent forward. Even when there is no real threat, the body remains alert.

Our bad posture results from our emotions, but it is also receptive to them. Bowing our heads and lowering our shoulders are signs of feeling overwhelmed and subordinate, and the brain responds accordingly. In other words, if you already have a hump, get rid of it and change even your mood.

How to remove buffalo hump? Here are 4 exercises to buffalo Hump on back of neck

buffalo hump removal
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How to remove the buffalo hump? A buffalo hump is an accumulation of fat on the back of the neck and upper back. This condition is also known as cervical kyphosis and results from stress or nervousness and enlargement of the lymph nodes in this area (Cushing’s syndrome).

Besides being unattractive, it also causes discomfort and inconvenience. It is better to lose this fat using some simple exercises than going under a surgeon’s knife to remove this fat:

Treatment for buffalo hump

how to remove buffalo hump
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Chest stretch: Place your arms at the sides of the door frame. Extend your chest and lower body little by little. Next, return to where you started. Ten repetitions per set.

Neck exercises: Roll up two socks. Put your socks between your hips and the floor while lying down on a yoga mat. Try moving your head from side to side. Each rep should last for one minute.

Arm lift: Stick your head, shoulders, pelvis, and heels into a wall. Restore your original position by raising your arms to shoulder height. Set up two sets of 10 repetitions each.

Walk: Being overweight and obese can also lead to hump development, so improving your health, losing a few pounds, and walking can help reduce it. Invest half an hour every day in it.

Getting rid of humps will benefit your health more than your appearance.

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