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21 Tips For Preventing Theft From Your Home While On Vacation

Preventing Theft From Your Home
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A Guide To Preventing Theft During Your Vacation

How to protect your house while away from home

Is it time for you to take a vacation? Are you worried about the safety of your home while you are away?

Don’t worry!

If you’re going on vacation, there are many things you can do to keep your home safe.

Check out these tips to prevent home break-ins this holiday season.

Tip #1: Make sure you have a monitored security system

60% of burglars gain entry into homes through the doors or windows?

That’s a lot!

It would help if you protected the doors and windows of your home for that reason.

A monitored home security system is one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your home.

Monitoring refers to security systems that are interconnected 24/7 with a monitoring center.

An alarm will be activated, and the monitoring center will be alerted should someone attempt entry into your home.

Whenever the monitoring center detects theft, they call the police, who can arrest the burglar.

Tip #2: Stop receiving mail

Are you aware that 40% of burglars enter homes through the front door?

It would help if you protected the front of your home.

You can protect the front door of your home by pausing your mail deliveries.

The accumulation of mail in your mailbox is an indication that you’re not home.

Therefore, it’s important to stop your mail deliveries temporarily.

You can request your neighbor pick up your mail or pause your USPS mail deliveries.

Tip #3: Keep an eye on your empty house

Approximately 30% of burglars enter homes through the back or side door?

This is why you should protect your home’s rear and side doors.

You can protect your home’s back and side doors by having someone watch your empty home when you are not there.

A neighbor can supervise an empty house, or you can hire a house watch service.

Monitoring services make sure your home is safe while you are away.

A home monitoring service will notify you if someone attempts to break into your home.

Therefore, there is a need for a home monitoring service.

Tip #4: Your electronics should be timed

20% of burglars enter a home through a window, did you know?

Because of this, you should protect your windows.

You can protect your windows in your home by setting your lights on a timer.

With a timer, you can schedule when your lights will turn on and off.

This is why it’s important to set a timer for your lights.

At any electronics store, you can buy a timer.

Tip #5: Keep the lawn mowed

Trimming your lawn is an effective way of protecting your windows.

When there’s lots of grass growing in your yard, it can give thieves a hint that you’re not home.

Mowing your lawn is therefore very important.

If you’re on vacation, you can have a lawn service mow your lawn.

When you’re on vacation, ask your neighbor to mow your lawn.

Tip #6: Make sure tools and ladders are locked away

Keep ladders and tools locked away when you are not using them.

Thieves know you’re not home if you have an accumulating ladder or tool in your yard.

It is possible to store tools and ladders in a garage or a shed.

Alternatively, you can ask a neighbor to take care of them while you are away.

Tip #7: At the entrance, leave your car

Do you know that 5% of burglars enter homes through the backdoor?

That’s a lot!

The back entrance to your home has to be protected because of this.

Keep your car in the driveway to protect the back entrance of your house.

Your car will look like you’re at home if you leave it in the driveway.

Because of this, you must leave your car at the entrance.

Tip #8: Strengthen your security systems

Increasing your security systems to protect yourself and your home is important.

You can strengthen your home’s windows by using bars or curtains for security.

DIY stores sell security grills and curtains.

Tip #9: Avoid social media when planning your vacation

Did you know 1% of thefts result from people sharing their vacation plans on social media?

That’s a lot!

That’s why you shouldn’t post your vacation plans on social media.

Share your vacation plans on social media to let burglars know that you’re not at home.

Social media is a terrible place to share your vacation plans, so don’t do it.

By setting up your Facebook account, you can prevent messages from being shared.

If you are on vacation, you may deactivate your Facebook account.

Tip #10: Lock up your valuables

Did you know that 99% of robberies occur because people leave valuables in plain sight?

That’s a lot!

Therefore, you should not leave valuables in plain sight.

In plain sight, jewelry or other valuables can alert thieves that you aren’t at home.

Therefore, it is a good idea not to leave valuables in plain sight.

You can hide your valuables in a safe.

Tip #11: Regularly clean your home

A shocking 1% of burglaries occur due to dirty houses?

The house must be kept clean for that reason.

It signals to thieves that you aren’t at home if you leave the house dirty.

Therefore, it is important to keep the house clean.

You can hire someone to clean your house while you are away.

Tip #12: Keep it a secret

You’re sending a message to any potential thieves, not texting. Don’t tell everyone where you’re going on vacation, including your family and neighbors. Posting information on social media about vacations is bad since it might attract thieves.

As always, we appreciate the excitement and tips. Did you know, though, that the person who calmly asked you if you were going on vacation had the potential to be a burglar?

When you’re away from home, keep it secret. This is one of the best ways to protect your home.

It is not a good idea to be known for frequently taking vacations, as this could lead to seizures.

Tip #13: Tell your neighbors

It is very easy to see why being friendly with your neighbors can benefit you. They will help you with your business and keep you protected during your vacation.

You should tell your neighbor before finalizing the deal if they can cover for you in your absence. Think about giving him some keys so he can see his house.

The more visible your house is, the less likely it is to be attacked. By removing bedposts, literature, bikes, or ladders from your house, you leave your house more vulnerable to being broken into, but it also becomes more visible to your neighbors.

When you have good relationships with your neighbors, they will be the best people to take care of your home while you are away.

Tip #14: Keys should not be kept under the mat

What is the best way to keep it under the mat? However, the problem is that people often bury the key under the rug, and that’s why people tend to do this to protect their homes.

The rugs you use while you are on vacation at your home are merely one small aspect of this advice. Avoid keeping your keys under the rug as it’s the easiest and fastest way to keep your home safe.

It is a safe way to ensure that no one can obtain a key to the house. When we leave the key in front of the door so that someone else may enter, our guests and ourselves will become confused with the car key.

Tip #15: Install a smart lock on your door

Thefts occur daily. It is not impossible to prevent burglaries, but they are more likely to occur if I don’t take care of the house and his belongings.

Our time is one of smart technology, and there are many security solutions on the market, and smart locks are one of the best. You can use this guide to choose the best smart lock for you.

The main advantage of smart locks is that you can eliminate the need to protect the house when you are not at home. You will not only have to protect your house when you are not there, but you will also know when someone is moving your belongings.

A smart lock for door can help you keep your home secure while traveling.

Install fake alarm units or stickers

Tip #16: Make a fake or trick alarm

This method is one of the best ways to protect your home while you’re away. Trick alarms or fake burglar alarms are low-quality alarms designed to mimic the sounds of your home alarm system.

Several places sell false alarms.

Alternatively, you can get a real alarm. After that, you can disable or leave it defended. If your home is well protected, you don’t need an alarm.

The effectiveness of false alarms has been studied extensively.

A study on the Effectiveness of False Burglar Alarms published in Home Security Magazine revealed that false alarms could combat and even stop burglars from stealing.

In an Australian study, three housing fraud detection systems were compared: trick alarm, truth alarm, and smiley.

Despite the results of the investigation, there was no effective treatment, but fake alarms with stickers placed next to them had the greatest effect.

Moreover, if you intend to install a living room balloon alarm, you should do so before going on vacation.

Studying the trick’s effectiveness was done by computerizing and re-establishing police stations in Sydney and making hundreds of calculations.

A building equipped with this trick could frustrate up to one robbery attempt each year.

Overall, it is an excellent means of protecting yourself against theft and costs nothing.

Tip #17: Disconnect the garage door

If you have your entrance to the home, you should unplug your garage door during the holidays to prevent break-ins.

While you are away, unplug the garage door to prevent it from opening.

Furthermore, it ensures no one can download if the connection is unstable.

In addition to unplugging the garage door opener, you may need to cut off the power to the garage so no one can access it.

Set the garage door to open by code.

The good news is that you can easily cancel these if you are already on vacation.

As a precaution, you might want to take other measures if you find it annoying.

You must secure the garage entry doors in the same manner as the rest of your property.

Tip #18: Consult your local police department

Is it true that your local police department may send an officer to your home to ensure your safety while you’re away? Incredible!

Having done so, call them and let them know you’ll be gone. Please leave your contact information and vacation information.

Most communities have some form of house patrol program, but this may not be an option if none is available. Verify the time limits and how much they will do.

In some cases, officers can cross the street to your house even if you are not home, or they can have a car follow them if necessary. The goal is to ensure that your absence does not result in any unexpected issues.

Tip #19: Install a Wi-Fi video doorbell

It’s smart to install a Wi-Fi video door phone if you don’t already have one.

Video door phones have many benefits in terms of protecting your home.

When you have a video intercom, you can see who is at your door before you open it.

It is possible to see who is at your door. If it is not you, you must close the door and call the police immediately.

You can wait without opening the front door of your home when you are uncertain about the person at your door with a video door entry system.

Unlike a door chain, video intercoms allow you to consider why a person is in your kitchen before opening the door.

Video door entry systems provide added peace of mind during the holidays or when you are away.

Tip #20: Before you leave, ensure your security devices are functioning

Check your security devices before going on vacation.

Set your alarms, so they go off as soon as a thief breaks in.

Make sure that any security cameras you have been working on and that you know how to use them.

Have a neighbor look at your home while you are away

A neighbor can make sure your home is safe while you’re away by occasionally checking on it. There can be a person taking out the trash, reversing the lights, and ensuring there is no chaos.

Tip #21: Check your home insurance policy

As a first step, check your home insurance policy to ensure it covers compensation if your home is broken into.

The answer to whether you are covered or not can be found in your insurance policy.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions

Is it safe to leave a light on at night to deter thieves?

The presence of lights does not necessarily translate into a reduced theft rate. It is a great method to maintain a busy appearance by leaving a light on at night. You will also be able to easily spot a burglar if there is one if the light is on.

Is it possible to deter thieves with fake cameras and alarms?

Generally, thieves tend to flee if they can see evidence of security equipment. It is not a good attempt if the person knows how to detect a fake camera or alarm, but these can be good efforts if they know how to spot them.

Do video door phones deter theft?

Video door entry systems can help prevent theft. Video door entry systems need to see the door of your house without seeing the thieves. Video intercoms encourage most thieves to give up when they are active.


After reading this article, you should now have a better understanding of home security. Tips on keeping your home and property safe from theft could help you. It is important not to give up and continue with our day after we discover how it helps protect our home on occasions of robbery or break-in. Reception of renewed energy and hope for the day ahead.

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