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The Best and Delicious Andalusian Gazpacho Recipe with Ingredients and Preparation

gaspacho recipe
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The Authentic and Traditional Andalusian Gazpacho Recipe

Ingredients and preparation of traditional gaspacho or gazpacho

Andalusian gazpacho history:

Gaspacho — as it is pronounced in Andalusia — or gazpacho —as it knows in the rest of the world — is a kind of traditional cold soup or cream from the south of Spain, whose main protagonist is the tomato.

In summer, it feels especially good due to its freshness and the heat that accompanies the season. Still, today we find fresh tomatoes and vegetables in any season, so you can also enjoy them in spring, autumn, and even winter.

Interestingly, many Andalusian families continue to call gazpacho. This variant arises due to the Andalusian dialect coupled with illiteracy that in its day prevented many people from having access to the correct use of words, including spelling and spelling rules.

Types of gazpacho

As with all popular recipes, there are as many versions as families; here, you can see another version of Andalusian gazpacho. But some aspects cannot be allowed in a decent gazpacho recipe:

  • Don’t use sliced bread.
  • Don’t use sunflower oil.
  • Do not use green tomatoes.
  • Don’t use red pepper.
  • Do not add more ingredients than the recipe, such as onion.

The beauty of this recipe is the simplicity of its ingredients (and its preparation), so it is essential to use quality ingredients and avoid substitutes that can negatively interfere with the final flavor and color.

It is also important not to confuse Andalusian gaspacho or gazpacho with Cordovan salmorejo , also Andalusian. Gazpacho has more vegetables and less bread, so its texture is more liquid, its flavor is different, and it is considerably less caloric.

Yes, there are variants of gazpacho with fruit. Perhaps the best known is the version with watermelon, very similar in appearance —because of its red or orange color— to the classic gazpacho.

Ingredients of gaspacho or gazpacho

Andalusian Gazpacho Recipe
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As gazpacho is a drink that the whole family appreciates, the ingredients that I detail are to last a couple of days in a large family. However, I include them in the corresponding section (above) so that you can quickly adjust the quantities to your needs. Just press + or -. Keeping it in the refrigerator, the gazpacho will last in good condition for 3 to 4 days.

  • 2 kilos of ripe pear tomatoes, better if they are in season
  • 100 g of white bread, better if it is Sevillian bun bread, loaf bread, or telera bread.
  • 1 medium Italian green pepper
  • 1 medium cucumber
  • 3 cloves of garlic, better if they are brown garlic
  • 150 ml of extra virgin olive oil
  • 40 ml of vinegar (you can adjust this amount to taste)
  • 15 g of salt (you can adjust this amount to your liking)
  • 250 ml of water + more water for a more liquid gazpacho consistency

How to make Andalusian gazpacho recipe easy

On this occasion, the recipe that I show you is that of my mother, who is also a grandmother, so you are about to discover an authentic Andalusian gazpacho, one of those that come from yesteryear; a transgenerational gazpacho, one of those that our mothers and grandmothers make “by eye,” yes.

  • Take the skin off the tomatoes. This step is optional, but it recommends if you want to obtain a slightly more delicate gazpacho that produces less gas. You can help yourself with a sharp knife to remove as much skin as possible or lightly scald them in boiling water to peel them easily.
  • Place the bread in a bowl or food processor and soak it with 250 ml of water.
  • Next, add the vegetables. The peeled tomatoes, the clean pepper, and the cucumber; The seeds are removed from the latter, the ends so that they do not turn bitter, and part of the skin, not all of it.
  • Add the rest of the ingredients and beat very well until all the ingredients are perfectly crushed. With these quantities, you will get a thick gazpacho. You can gradually add more water, stirring, until you get the desired consistency.
  • Store in an airtight container and refrigerate until serving time. The gazpacho serves very cold. Serve alone, without more, or accompanied by your favorite vegetables or ingredients.

With what to accompany the traditional Andalusian gazpacho

Gazpacho is tremendously versatile. You can have a very cool glass mid-morning, before lunch, or even with the meal; much better than any soft drink, and it is packed with vitamins!

It is customary to accompany it with tomato, cucumber, or pepper pieces. Also, with croutons, minced ham, and hard-boiled egg, Melva fillets combine equally well with gazpacho.

Tricks and tips

Although it is not necessary, some pass the gazpacho through a fine sieve. My advice is to avoid straining it with extremely fine or fabric filters. The essence of authentic Andalusian gazpacho lies in a homemade texture far from perfect and the smoothness sought in its cousin.

If you like it very fine, you can pass it through a food mill. However, I insist that It will lose much of gazpacho’s unique character.

You can substitute the pear tomato for any other tomato, as long as they are ripe and fleshy.

Add a few ice cubes to the thick gazpacho if you want to serve it immediately. This will cool it down quickly while softening its consistency. You mustn’t add ice if the consistency is correct. Otherwise, it will be excessively watery.

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